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UNE FAMILLE EN JORDANIE             #FamilyinJordan

A French Family in Jordan — Living in Jordan as Expat


Hi all !

How’s life in Jordan as an (french) expat? Well, you’ll find out below and on Bastian’s blog, « living in Jordan as expat ».  Bastian asked us to depict our expat life as a family, in this nice country. We kindly posted the result on his blog. Here’s the result for you, beloved followers!

Number four in this series of guest posts is a Family in Jordan. Nicolas, Agnes and their 3 kids have nearly explored every corner of this small country and enjoyed it so far. Here is their summary of what they experienced and felt up to now. Merci Beaucoup for this guest post. If you like […]

via A French Family in Jordan — Living in Jordan as Expat

Want to know more about expat life in Jordan?

Find and discover nice and remote places to visit Jordan!

And where could I find good local places to eat in Amman? 

…But sometimes, things can get wrong here in Amman….How should I solve the car accidents or what are the negative aspects I’ll have to face? 

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