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Whether you are planning your trip to Jordan ... Whether you are here already, in search of beautiful discoveries .. Or even if you are already back home, eager to share your experience ...

We are a traveling family, stopover in Jordan. Discover differently, explore the great outdoors, respect otherness and nature: our 3 guidelines here! So ... sip a glass of tea, get comfortable under our Bedouin tent ... and take your time here!
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Découvrez un cratère de météorite en Jordanie

On est parti à la recherche d’un cratère d’impact de météorite en Jordanie. Géologues ou amateurs de découvertes extra-terrestres, ce cratère de météorite en Jordanie vous attend. La Jordanie recèle…

Que visiter à Amman ?

Pas toujours visitée par les touristes, Amman regroupe pourtant de nombreux sites intéressants. Capitale de plus de 4 millions d’habitants (sur les 10 que compte le royaume), Amman possède toutes…
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COVID 19 in Jordan : what to do now?

Of course, we can’t wait to see Jordan re-open widely to international tourism. Despite COVID19, several European countries are in the process of resuming flights to & from the Hashemite…


Wadi Rum: how many rock bridges there? And which ones to visit?

Wadi Rum is undoubtedly our favorite place in Jordan. Indeed, the “valley of the Moon”, the other name of Wadi Rum, is so colorful that one’s eyes just can’t grow weary of it. Sand, cream, white, red, ocher …

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