Voyage, nature et évasion...Conseils pour découvrir la Jordanie ...Parce que la beauté du monde est dans l’œil de celui qui regarde!

UNE FAMILLE EN JORDANIE             #FamilyinJordan

Who are we?

Fond of trips for quite a while now, we had this project of expatriate with our family. We took the opportunity in summer 2017, destination: Jordan. A small country in size, but incrediby rich when it comes to culture, geography, history…A magical place for a living!

Us, that is to say:

The mum : Agnes (40 years old – already), accustomed to travel sonce her childhood, then during her studies (12 months in East Asia), then, for fun, and finally, for a living. Hydrologist, she finally decided to become a teacher. Hobbies: horse-rider for more than 30 years, and fon of sewing, photographs, drawing and painting.

The Dad: Nicolas, almost 40 years, more than 55 countries at his credit. Hobbies : sports (trail, ultratrail , swiming), writing, photography…

The almost 8 years-old Eneko. Big wall climber every minutes from  the day and the night (which led him to know pretty well how the french medicql emergencies system works…), il also loves bird watching, reptiles, drawing and loves to say…No!

The number 2 , 5.5 years old Anton. Certainly a cat in a previous life, and possibly a flower or a butterfly in the next one. He loves jigsaw puzzles (especially cat, flowers and butterflies jigsaw puzzles as you can guess).

The baby girl Amaya, almost 2 years old. In love with her 2 brothers, which she basically follows eveywhere (including when it comes to climbing dangerous things). She ‘d probably become a tatooist when she grows up,  given the fact she loves to paint or draw to her skin, no matter it’s the hnds, the arms, the belly or even the face

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