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UNE FAMILLE EN JORDANIE             #Family in Jordan

How to avoid scams when visiting Jordan : our lexicon

Jordan is almost always a very hospitable country. Still, what are the most common scams to avoid when traveling to Jordan? Find our lexicon below.


Dana Biosphere: an unexpected bad Karma, but’s let’s give it a second chance!

This is just our second article in the “issues” section. We hope not to have too many others! Dana biosphere is presented as The Perfect Place to visit in Jordan. Its reserve is regionnaly known for its biodiversity. The village is renowned for its authenticity…but..

A car accident in Amman: here are how things are supposed to go

Hi there Driving here is sometimes tricky. Thus you might one day see an officer from the “police traffic” a little closer that you would have liked to…This police is in charge of enforcing the laws when it comes to driving , and to managing the accidents on the roads. Read more…

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