Voyage, nature et évasion...Conseils pour découvrir la Jordanie ...Parce que la beauté du monde est dans l’œil de celui qui regarde!

UNE FAMILLE EN JORDANIE             #FamilyinJordan

Syrian refugees in Jordan : a grandfather, his grand daughter…and an ordinary hero.

he numbers are open to fierce debates. Some say they are 750 000. Others say they are more than 1.3 million … Those are big figures. But that day in the trafic jam..I saw an ordinary hero.


Discover wild predators near Amman: al Ma’wa for nature and wildlife sanctuary

Historically, Jordan and Syria are true sanctuaries of wild animals: birds, big cats, bears …Many scenographies testify to the presence of lions, tigers and bears in the recesses of Jordan, and one can still hope to see some oryx on the side of Shaumari!  Yet, it is possible to discover Read more…

Movie selection : 17 films about Jordan or filmed in Jordan. Get in the mood!

(updated on November 3rd 2018, from an initial list of 13 films 🙂 ) With such wonderful landscapes and an exceptional historical heritage, Jordan is obivously a great place for movie makers: Wadi Rum, Petra, the eastern desert, Amman… Put yourself in the mood with a selection of 17 films Read more…

Large format : camel races in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Sometimes, a couple of images worth a thousand words… Camel races: definitely not a folk show! Several times a year, camel races are organized in the village of Disah, north of Wadi Rum. We had already attended to one in november 2017, and had reported in this article our feedback Read more…

Our series “kids-friendly outdoor activities around Amman : n#1, the Forest Park

(post also available in French) What to do with its family around Amman? Whether you are expat, tourist, or backpacker, you may want – or need – to know a few places to allow children to let off steam, and parents to relax meanwhile… Not that many outdoor activities in Read more…

How not to get lost in Jordan – even in Wadi Rum : try OsmAnd !

(post also available in french) If you are a tourist visiting Jordan by car, or if you are an expat exploring the secrets of Jordan, you might want to have a reliable navigation app on your smartphone. And if it’s free and if it also works offline, that’s even better Read more…

Want to visit Jordan? Think JORDAN PASS to save money !

(also available in french here) When planning a trip to Jordan, it is paramount to book a “Jordan Pass” before entering Jordan. This Sesame includes visa fees to Jordan, and access to almost all touristic sites … at an unbeatable rate! So if you want to save money, you MUST Read more…

A car accident in Amman: here are how things are supposed to go

Hi there Driving here is sometimes tricky. Thus you might one day see an officer from the “police traffic” a little closer that you would have liked to…This police is in charge of enforcing the laws when it comes to driving , and to managing the accidents on the roads. Read more…

Safety in Amman

When we announced to our relatives where we were going, some of them looked kind of…worried…It’s not a secret that the the middle east in general doesn’t look like the quietest place on the Earth but.. though… Jordan remains relatively preserved from terror attacks of all kind. Each day, a Read more…

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