Voyage, nature et évasion...Conseils pour découvrir la Jordanie ...Parce que la beauté du monde est dans l’œil de celui qui regarde!

UNE FAMILLE EN JORDANIE             #FamilyinJordan

Syrian refugees in Jordan : a grandfather, his grand daughter…and an ordinary hero.

he numbers are open to fierce debates. Some say they are 750 000. Others say they are more than 1.3 million … Those are big figures. But that day in the trafic jam..I saw an ordinary hero.


Safety in Amman

When we announced to our relatives where we were going, some of them looked kind of…worried…It’s not a secret that the the middle east in general doesn’t look like the quietest place on the Earth but.. though… Jordan remains relatively preserved from terror attacks of all kind. Each day, a Read more…

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