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Marhaba ! Welcome ! Ahlan wa sahlan!
Whether you are planning your trip to Jordan ... Whether you are here already, in search of beautiful discoveries .. Or even if you are already back home, eager to share your experience ...

We are a traveling family, stopover in Jordan. Discover differently, explore the great outdoors, respect otherness and nature: our 3 guidelines here! So ... sip a glass of tea, get comfortable under our Bedouin tent ... and take your time here!
Family In Jordan​
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Petra : the High Place of Sacrifices and Wadi Farasah (Dec 7th 2019)

With more than 1 million visitors in 2019, Petra is more than congested. So, here's a suggestion of a quiet and yet beautiful path : the High Place of Sacrifices and Wadi Farasah.

Olive oil production in Jordan : pay a visit to a press ! (Oct 17th 2019)

Autumn is the perfect period for olives harvesting. Read more here about how to discover and where to go !

Wadi Bin Hammad : one of the finest hikes in Jordan (Oct 8th 2019)

Let's take a walk around Kerak and its impressive crusader castle...and discover Wadi Bin Hammad, one of the finest hikes in Jordan ! Our latest hiking & trekking memo.

Culture. The word of the month : Ramadan

Probably one of the most famous words in islamic culture...But where does it come from? What is the original story of Ramadan? (may 5th 2019)

How to avoid scams in Jordan : our lexicon

Jordan is a beautiful, welcoming country, and is a wonderful destination for a trip. The scams are rather rare..But there are some! Discover our lexicon, collected from our experience and the one from our readers! (may 13th 2019).



Wadi Rum: how many rock bridges there? And which ones to visit?

Wadi Rum is undoubtedly our favorite place in Jordan. Indeed, the “valley of the Moon”, the other name of Wadi Rum, is so colorful that one’s eyes just can’t grow weary of it. Sand, cream, white, red, ocher …


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