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JORDANIE DECOUVERTE            #Family in Jordan

Hydrotherapy in Jordan : 5 ways to discover Wadi Ma’in near the Dead Sea!

Hydrotherapy in Jordan : 5 ways to discover Wadi Ma’in near the Dead Sea!

Syrian refugees in Jordan : a grandfather, his grand daughter…and an ordinary hero.

he numbers are open to fierce debates. Some say they are 750 000. Others say they are more than 1.3 million … Those are big figures. But that day in the trafic jam..I saw an ordinary hero.

Our series “kids-friendly outdoor activities around Amman : n#1, the Forest Park

What to do with its family around Amman? Whether you are expat, tourist, or backpacker, you may want – or need – to know a few places to allow children to let off steam, and parents to relax meanwhile…

The word of the month : Amman , its past and its present.

n our section “the word of the month”, let’s keep it easy this month , with a  light panorama of Amman. Having gone through 9000 years of history, the current capital of Jordan has witnessed many civilizations, experienced several phases of decline and growth…

Street food in Amman : two greedy pleasures near downtown…

Today, I wandered in Amman streets, trying to grab some food…So let’s discover together some gourmandise shops I just found in order to warm up in this ending winter in Amman… Here are two adresses to be recommended: The first one is actually quite famous, as it referenced in the Read more…

A car accident in Amman: here are how things are supposed to go

Driving here is sometimes tricky. Thus you might one day see an officer from the “police traffic” a little closer that you would have liked to…This police is in charge of enforcing the laws when it comes to driving , and to managing the accidents on the roads.

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