Near the Dead Sea, close to Amman (about 1 hour drive), Wadi Ma’in is particularly known for its spa and its hot springs…This is actually one of the main spots in Jordan for hydrotherapy. We found out 5 different ways to discover it, as an excellent alternative to the Dead Sea hotel complex!

Option 1 : in a “DeLuxe” mood

To sleep at the “Zarqa Ma’In Hotsprings hotel” (facebook page).  The exterior is quite classical, but the inside of the hotel is really cozy, and most of all, you have access to a nice hot-water pool. really hot, or just hot? Well, the temperature varies randomly between 40 and 45 degrees celsius. We haven’t found out any scientific explanation for this temperature change so far. But for sure, swimming in a 45°C hot water can be difficult and not that noce, when it’s 40° C outside! For this reasnon, we recommend to enjoy this really nice hotel in winter or early spring, when it is really convenient to swim in a steaming basin, when outside temperature barely reaches 10-15 °C !
The hotel is comfortable, with, for some rooms, breath-taking views of the main waterfall (the one from of the pool is a fake one), and the beautiful valley of Zarqa Ma’in, which opens on the Dead Sea .


Depending on the standard of the room, you’ll have to count 125 to 200 JOD / night for 2 with breakfast (very good buffet). The entrance fee to the site (see option 3) will be deducted from the price of your room.

Where to eat ?

The restaurant offers a buffet with fresh products for 20 JOD / adult and 15 for children (tested with our 9 years old boy).

Extras (not included in the price):

Access to the spa: it is located below the hotel. It will take 38 JD / person to enjoy another pool / sauna / steam room. And of course, you can book a care (entry fee, deducted in this case).


Option 2 : in a « day-pass luxury” mood

Without spending the night there, it is possible to enjoy the hotel pool by the day, thanks to a day-pass.

Budget :

You’ll have to count 45 JOD / person to get access to the swimming pool, and a very nice breakfast buffet. The entrance fee on the site will be deducted (again, see option 3).

Where to eat ?

An excellent buffet is included in the day-pass.

Extras (not included in the price)

Same as before, you may want to enjoy an extra spa session if you like, by paying 38 more JOD.


Option 3 : in a « local » mood :

Enjoy the hot springs in the public area of the compound, definitely more “middle-class” than the hotel itself (and, more conservative, also).

Jordanians really enjoy basking in the public hot springs, with an even greater temperature amplitude. Here, there is no pool to swim, one can just sit in the water, and put his/her neck and back under the waterfall to get a (poweful 🙂 ) massage effect. As an advice, we kindly advise to adopt appropriate clothing there. The place is popular and there are many men and some women in burkini. Thus ladies might want to dress themselves covered enough, in order to avoid insistent glances.

Warning: after the dramatic flash flood of October 2018, the wadi was damaged, and part of the public infrastructure is deteriorated. The main waterfall was clogged. Currently, access is only possible to the second cascade and the family pool (it is very pleasant).


Budget :

Count 10 to 15 JOD / person (resident / non-resident rate) for access to the waterfall and the family pool.

Where to eat ?

You can still buy snacks, hot and fresh drinks…

Jordan women enjoying the 42°C waterfall (currently damaged, so not in use).


Option 4 : in a hiking mood (hot springs)

The lower part of Wadi (accessible from the road to the Dead Sea) is a pleasant hike and can be an opportunity to swim in natural pools of hot water. However, the lower part is unfortunately quite polluted (trash, empty cans..), and it is necessary to walk for 15 minutes at least to reach a decent environment. Again, th same issue regarding education in regards to the respect of environnment… We haven’t yet personally tested this option.

Warning : because of the flash flood of October 2018, the access to the lower part of the wadi is still forbidden by authorities. A rangers car is permanently parked. We assess that those precaution measures will end by spring 2019, at the same time Wadi Mujib re-opens for the summer season (normally on April 1st).

Budget :


Where to eat ?

Take your lunch with you, and make sure you take enough drinking water (temperature reaches 40-45° C as of june…)


Option 5: in a hiking mood (fresh waterfall and pool)

Above the hot springs hotel complex, the upper part of wadi Ma’in is also a beautiful hike in a nice valley, walking along a pleasant stream. At the end of the 2 kms walk, hikers can enjoy a sightseeing 35-meters high waterfall, ending in a natural swimming pool. The hike is particularly suitable from May-June, when it starts to be really hot around.

For more details and full itinerary on this nice hike, please refer to our article of September 2018 called “waterfall and natural swimming pool of wadi Zarqa Ma’in, dead sea“.

this YouTube video also shows how to get there :

Budget :

Free, of course 🙂 .

Where to eat ?

Same as for option 4, just take your lunch box and enough water to feel confortable !

waterfall and pool


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