Today, I wandered in Amman streets, trying to grab some food…So let’s discover together some gourmandise shops I just found in order to warm up in this ending winter in Amman…

Here are two adresses to be recommended:

  • The first one is actually quite famous, as it referenced in the Lonely Planet guide. Having said that, it is not because it is famous, that you ‘ve already tried it before, right? The place is called  the “Reem cafeteria“. Actually, it’s more like a kiosk than an actual cafeteria : it is truely impossible to sit in this nice corner shop,  where you can find delicious shawarmas.  Having paid the VERY moderate price of 1.25 JOD, you’ll get a nice lamb-flavored shawarma (well, this is at least what I figured out, as everything is written in arabic :-)).

The “Reem”is located to your  right, just after the 2nd circle, when you head towards the third circle. It is most often crowded in front of this small red and white shop. It opens at around 10 a.m. , and it remains open most of the night .

  • Another one, much less known (at least, you don’t find the adress in most of the tourist guides) : “Tamryeh Omar“, with more than 40 years-experience. There again, a tiny shop, where you can find three different kinds of dessert. First, the tamryeh : some sweet semolina, wrapped in a very fine dough. The whole thing is deep fried, a good layer of icing sugar is spread all over it: simply delicious!  Secondly, the awameh : sweet deep fried balls: 2 centimeters  of real pleasure! And finally, the Zainab fingers : those are quite alike to the previous ones (however, this one actually tastes more like a shortbread).

If you order a large amount of tamryeh, the cook will probably have to make them especially for the occasion. Thus, you’ll probably have the chance to attend to their cooking.  It is interestinf to attend to it, as it is a true “savoir-faire” which I definitelt don’t want to try on my kitchen,unless taking the risk of spreading dough all over my ceiling 🙂 :-).

According to the numerous souvenir photographs with celebrities hanged all over the walls, The “Tamryeh Omar”appears to be quite a “place to be” in Amman. It is located in a small street around 2nd circle, right on your RIGHT side when you come from the 3rd circle. The shop is on the left sidewalk, just before a uniform shop. Anyway, you just can’t miss it, as there are only 2 shops on this sidewalk ! 🙂

Each  tamryeh costs 0.3 JOD (around 10 cm wide).



Enjoy your dessert!

enjoy your dessert, and please let me know if you have other nice secret spots !


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