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When planning a trip to Jordan, it is paramount to book a “Jordan Pass” before entering Jordan. This Sesame includes visa fees to Jordan, and access to almost all touristic sites … at an unbeatable rate! So if you want to save money, you MUST take a Jordan Pass.

This information is probably already known by most of us, but the questions we are regularly asked on our facebook page or on this blog suggest that a little reminder is needed. This post is aimed primarily at those who plan to visit Jordan, but also to those, expatriates in Jordan, who are preparing to receive friends or family here …

So why buying a Jordan Pass? There are three main reasons to it : save money, save time, and save efforts. All in all, it is designed to make your trip easier…

Convinced? Read the post below to find out why you are right :-).

Not convinced? Read the post below to find out why you are wrong. 🙂

How does is work exactly?

The Jordan Pass is a very clever invention of the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Created in September 2015 in order to revive rather dim tourism activities (remember the Iraq-Syria crisis…), the Jordan Pass was basically created to avoid the visa fees, and to get a free entrance to forty Jordanian tourist sites, provided you purchase it BEFORE you arrive in Jordan.

How to do? it is very simple. Just browse  the Jordan Pass website , hosted by the Ministry of Tourism, and order your Jordan Pass online. There’s no scam here, as long as you have checked that the URL of the site starts with “https: // …” As usual, as on any site, in fact.

You must also accept to pay on the internet (VISA card number, etc.).

Once ordered and paid (by visa, mastercard, etc …), you’ll receive an email with a pdf clip: this is your Jordan Pass, to present to the Jordanian customs when you arrive, then to the entrance of every tourist site you visit.

The Jordan Pass in 7 Q&A

What are the 40 proposed attractions?

Just about anything you can visit in two weeks, no worries: Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash, Amman Citadel, Ajloun Castle, Umm Qays, the desert castles East, Karak, Shobak, Pella, Aqaba-As Salt Museums – Madaba, etc … The complete list, accompanied by hiking ideas, is proposed on the website of the Ministry of Tourism

In short, if you find a “must-see” not on this list, , we offer you a free shemagh ! 🙂 More seriously, Madaba churches , Mount Nebo and Baptism site are not included in the Jordan Pass.

How much does it cost?

It depends… There are actually 3 options, depending on thetime you intedn to visit Petra: 70 JOD (one day in Petra), 75 JOD (2 days ), 80 JOD (3 days ). current exchange rate JOD / Euro is 1.16 …

Time permitting, we recommend you to spend 2 days in Petra, because it enables people to capture 2 totally different atmospheres on the site. You can also consider some alternative routes: jabal Haroun, littel Petra, or the Monastery (ad-deir ) by an almost secret way … 🙂

Do I really save money with the  Jordan Pass? 

Yes , indeed, since a “lonely” visa for Jordan costs 40 JOD, and since the  entry for Petra costs 50 JOD for a single day. Jerash entrance costs 10 JOD…. and for most of other sites, the entrance costs between 1 and 3 JOD.

The calculation is very simple: if you come to Jordan, and plan to visit Petra (anaybody wanting to Visit Jordan and not visitong Petra? Ahem…), you will so save at least 20 JOD. the rates for all the sites are indicated on this link, up to date.

Should I print it?

Jordan Pass is a little bit like a train ticket … as soon as you think about making a screenshot of your phone, you do not have to print anything, so that you have your Q-code anytime, anyplace…

And in some sites (Umm Qays for example), the Q-code player of the cashier sometimes work randomly… In short, make sure you print your Jordan Pass, and keep it with you, it is not that heavy…

Jordan pass , visa fee, attractions…all inclusive?

Yes, everything is included. But make sure you purchase your Jordan Pass before entering Jordan, otherwise you will pay 40 JOD for the visa, even if you can still order a Jordan Pass afterwards. Although, there’s a particular rule for exit fees. If you leave Jordan by air, you won’t pay anything. But if you leave Jordan by another mean, then you’ll have to pay the exit fees, and it costs 10 JOD. The Jordan Pass doesn’t include those.

Are there scams?

Never heard of scams. This is an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, no problem.

Can I buy it in Jordan?

Yes, on the internet. However, with the reservations indicated above on the profitability of the Pass, in this case.

How long time is it valid?

Here, there is a small nuance. Entrance fees to the territory are exempt, provided that you  spend a minimum of 4 days (and 3 nights) on Jordanian territory. Therefore, pay attention, those who make round trips from Israel to visit Petra, as many tour operators offer: Jordan Pass does not work in this case …

On the other hand, the Jordan Pass is valid until 12 month after the first purchase … and it is valid for 2 weeks after its first use.



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Bastian · 20 mai 2018 at 09:20

Great indeed. I just don’t understand the part
“Jordan pass , visa fee, attractions…all inclusive?

Yes, everything is included – except exit fees, as long as you take care to present yourself at immigration at the airport, provided with your Jordan Pass. Otherwise, you will pay 40 JOD for the visa, even if you can still order a Jordan Pass afterwards. One downside: Exit fees are not included in the Jordan Pass. They cost 10 JOD.”

Because from what you write it sounds either way you have to pay exit fee although I think exit fees of 10 JD is only if you leave by land border! When you leave Jordan by plane, you also pay a leaving tax. However that is already included in the plane ticket, so most people are not really aware of it, as you don’t pay it separately.

    familyinjordan · 20 mai 2018 at 16:13

    You’re absolutely right, Bastian, and we subsequentely changed the mentionned Q&A, to make it clearer. Jordan Pass doesn’t onclude exit fees, but you just don’t realize it when you leave Jordan by air as the air companies include the fee in their flights ! 🙂

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