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Camel races: definitely not a folk show!

Several times a year, camel races are organized in the village of Disah, north of Wadi Rum. We had already attended to one in november 2017, and had reported in this article our feedback of the race (french version)… These very picturesque races represent significant financial stakes, since the winner of the final is winning a golden sword, and 3000JD of bonuses.

These events are quite confidential, and mass tourism is not welcomed there. Therefore, the few foreigners observers will find there authenticity and passion, and, most of all, a pleasant feeling to share a slice of life with the Bedouins, for whom these races represent a part of heritage.

So we went back this year with a camera, and … the rest of the story is in pictures!

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Infos :

🚙🚕🚍:  Disah village (, North of Wadi Rum protected are). Camelodrome location : 29°37’25.3″N 35°31’21.3″E, 29.623681, 35.522591. Around 4h drive from Amman, 1h30 from Aqaba.

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦:  suitable for the whole family. The local attendees are 90% composed of men, in a good-natured atmosphere. Beware of erratic maneuvers of pick ups and edgy camels.

⏰⌚: several times a year, November for major award-winning races. Next slot in early November 2018 – precise date not yet known! Make sure you wake up early enough: the first rcaces start at sunrise, and end in the morning

💰💰💰: no one would dare make you pay a single dinar for it. In addition, the race is outside the protected area, so no entry fees. It’s open bar!


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